The SOCEVOL was formed on Thursday 23 November at the Coñaripe lounge of the Gran Hotel Pucón. Its inaugural session was attended by 20 founding partners. The session was coordinated by Rodrigo Medel (U. of Chile) and Eduardo Palma (P. U. Católica de Chile). The legal Constitution of SOCEVOL was accomplished in June of the year 2009.

Directive 2020-2022

President Elie Poulin

Vice President Luis Castañeda

Secretariat Angie Diaz

Treasurer Claudia Maturana

Former President Alejandra González

Directors Alejandra González, Juliana Vianna, Hugo Benitez, Franco Cianferoni, Luis Pastenes

Directive 2018-2020

President Gonzalez Alejandra

Vice President Poulin Elie

Secretariat Murua Maureen

Treasurer Saez Paola

Former President Perez Fernando Torres

Directors Botto Carezza, boric Dusan, Luis Castañeda, Pamela Morales

Directive 2016-2018

President: Fernando Torres
Vice-President: Alejandra González
Secretary: Dusan Boric
Treasurer: Francisco Fontúrbel
Directors: Maureen Murua, Luis Pastenes, Nelson Velasquez, Cecilia Brown, Christian Ibañez (former President)

Directive 2014-2016

President: Christian M. Ibanez

Vice-President: Fernando Torres

Secretariat: Claudia Guerrero

Treasurer: Maria Cecilia Pardo Gandarillas

Directors: Alejandra González, Luis Pastenes, Nelson Velasquez, Daniel Gomez, Marco A. Mendez (Former President)

Directive 2012-2014

President: Marco A. Mendez

Vice-President: Christian M. Ibanez

Secretariat: Alejandra González

Treasurer: Maria Cecilia Pardo Gandarillas

Directors: Juliana De Abreu Vianna, Gonzalo Collado, Florence Tellier, Fernando Torres, Victorian Pedro (Former President)

Directive 2011-2012

President: Victorian Pedro

Vice-President: Marco Méndez

Secretary: Marcela Vidal

Treasurer: Carezza Botto

Directors: Sylvain Faugeron, Eduardo Palma, Rodrigo Medel (Former President), Elie Poulin, Christian Ibañez

Directive 2009-2010

President: Rodrigo Medel

Vice-President: Victorian Pedro

Secretary: Marco Méndez

Treasurer: Cristian Hernandez

Directors: Guillermo D' Elía, Sylvain Faugeron, Marie L. GUILLEMIN, Eduardo Palma (Former President), Elie Poulin

Directive 2007-2008

President: Eduardo Palma

Vice-President: Rodrigo Medel

Secretary: Marco Méndez

Treasurer: Roberto Nespolo

Directors: Carlos Valenzuela and Cristian Hernandez