Phylogenetic Approaches to Biodiversity II 2016

This year the society has a special guest. The Dra. Samantha A. Price of the University of California Davis, It will come to Chile to teach a course entitled “Phylogenetic approaches to biodiversity II” graduate at Universidad Andrés Bello. To attend the course you must apply through a mail, Since there are limited vacancies. Below are the details of the course:

Phylogenetic Approaches to Biodiversity II

Postgraduate course
2 - 4 November 2016

Sponsored by: Sociedad Chilena de evolution.
Faculty of ecology and natural resources.
Universidad Andrés Bello.
It organizes: Doctorate in Conservation Medicine.
It sponsors: FONDECYT 1130266.
Professor in charge
DRA. Samantha A. Price (University of California Davis)

Dr. Christian M. Ibanez (Universidad Andrés Bello)
Dr. Eduardo Castro-Nallar (Universidad Andrés Bello)

The workshop will take place at the Faculty of ecology and natural resources, Universidad Andrés Bello, Republic 440, Santiago.

Para inscribirse enviar CV y carta de intención antes del 21 de octubre.
Dr. Christian Ibañez (UNAB)

Elfego Cuevas (UNAB)
Mario Alvarado (UNAB)
Más formación del taller: