11th annual meeting 2017

Second release

The Genetics Society of Chile together with the Sociedad Chilena de evolution invite you to participate in your annual meeting, to be held at Hotel Bellavista, Puerto Varas, during the days 9, 10 and 11 in November of this year.


We invite you to visit the web page of the Congress ' Genetics and evolution 2017’., where you can find to the guests who participate in the event, as well as the different activities that take place during the joint meeting.

Confirmed speakers

Trudy F.C. MacKay, Department of Biological Sciences, North Carolina State University.

Keith A. Crandall. Professor of Biology, Director of GW completo Computational Biology Institute. The George Washington University.


Max Muenke, Chief and Senior Investigator, Medical Genetics Branch, NIH.


Mike Bruford, Cardiff University, UK. Co-Director Sustainable Places Research Institute.


Marcos Perez-Losada. Computational Biology Institute, Milken Institute School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, The George Washington University.


Pedro Francisco Victorian Sepulveda. Professor Department of Zoology at the University of Concepcion in Chile. Former President and founding member of the Chilean society of evolution.

David Gorkin. Associate Director of Epigenomics, UC San Diego, School of Medicine.

Angel Spotorno Oyarzun (Danko Brncic award). Professor human genetics program, Faculty of medicine, U. of Chile. Member of the Chilean society of evolution and Genetics Society of Chile.

Modalities for participation will be:

  1. Free communications (in oral sessions or panels)
  2. Incorporation of works (oral sessions)
  3. Symposia
  4. Conferences


The deadline for receipt of abstracts is as follows:

  • Free communications and incorporations: 11 September
  • Symposia and conferences confirmed by Scientific Committee: 11 September

The tab in the correct format for the abstract submission is on the site of the annual meeting: HTTPS://geneticayevolucion2017.org., in the section: "he sent summaries". Once completed the tab, send to email: geneticayevolucion2017@gmail.com


The date of the removal of works will be the day 10 September. All work not withdrawn at that date and not presented at the meeting will be reported publicly as not shown.

1.- FREE COMMUNICATIONS: THE instructions for the correct presentation of abstracts LAS finds on the site https://geneticayevolucion2017.org

PARTNERS: There will be no restriction on the number of free communications that each partner can sign as author or co-author, or in the number of jobs of incorporation that want to sponsor. However, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to carefully review each free communication and, eventually, not to accept those whose quality does not correspond to the level required for the annual meeting.

A NON-MEMBER: It can be author or co-author of only free communication, which must be sponsored by a partner and whose patronage is recorded in the summary. The sponsorship of a job of a no-socio implies that the partner is in the working knowledge of, you checked and estimated that its quality is compatible with the required level in the annual meeting. This is a guarantee for the society, endorsed by the signature of the partner.

In case of not having sponsorship is suggested to send a letter to the respective policies to assign a sponsoring partner.

All rapporteurs of works shall cancel the registration fee to the meeting together with the shipping of the corresponding summary. We can do this by making a bank deposit and submitting proof of deposit to socevoltesoreria@gmail.com, to the following account:

Name of: Sociedad Chilena de evolution

Bank credit and investment (BCI)

It features current No.: 86427415

Ruth: 65035053-7

email: socevoltesoreria@gmail.com

(indicate the name of the registered email, and what society is a partner. In case of non-membership, indicate in the email)


Papers of incorporation of new partners to the Genetics Society of Chile and the Chilean society of evolution, They shall comply with the provisions of the guidelines income of each society.


Exhibitors must prepare the summary of your paper, According to instructions on the web page (www.geneticayevolucion2017.org), that you are equal to those used in free communications.

ALL the rapporteurs must cancel their registration fee to the meeting together with the shipping of the corresponding summary.




Up to the 21 August After the 21 August
PARTNER $ 120.000.- $ 180.000.-
NON-MEMBER $ 200.000.- $ 250.000.-
STUDENT PRE DEGREE $ 60.000.- $ 75.000.-
GRADUATE STUDENT / LAB ASSISTANT $ 90.000.- $ 120.000.-


The registration fee can be made through a bank deposit to the following account:

Name of: Sociedad Chilena de Evolución
Banco Crédito e Inversiones (BCI)
It features current No.: 86427415
Ruth: 65035053-7
email: socevoltesoreria@gmail.com

Send proof of deposit to geneticayevolucion2017 @Gmail.com

Indicate in the email:

Nombre completo
Sociedad(ES) to which you belong (indicate with an x):
   1) SOCHIGEN _
   2) SOCEVOL   ____
Indicar si requiere recibo y modo de envío:
   1) by email
   2) to withdraw to record your income the 9/11/17


First release

The Genetics Society of Chile (SOCHIGEN) and the Chilean society of evolution (SOCEVOL), headed by the Presidents Patricio González and Fernando Torres along with both directories, they are pleased to announce the holding of the annual meeting in conjunction. This meeting will be held between the 9-11 November of the 2017, at Hotel Bellavista, Puerto Varas, Chile.


The meeting will include the following activities:

  1. to) Conferences, Symposia and workshops

Opening of proposals: 30 may of 2017 to email:

geneticayevolucion2017 @Gmail.com

Topics: Are welcome all proposals on different topics of evolution or genetics. It will however be encouraged and prioritize the following topics, its relevance and the nature of joint meeting:

  • Genética Cuantitativa
  • Adaptación, de los genes a poblaciones y comunidades
  • Evodevo
  • Genómica poblacional
  • Bioinformatica
  1. b) Free communications (en sesiones orales y paneles).


1º llamado general: 21 August of 2017

Postulantes to Conicyt scholarship: 10 of June of 2017.

The summary should follow the following format available here and then it must be sent to the email geneticayevolucion2017 @Gmail.com.

For more information visit the official website of the Congress.

  1. c) Incorporation of works (oral sessions).

1º llamado general: 21 August of 2017

Papers of incorporation of new partners must comply with the provisions of each company independently


All participants in its category of partners, non-members, undergraduate students, graduate or doctorate, they must register, the values of each section will be published as soon as.