Researchers evaluate Hyb-Seq sequencing at different levels in Asteraceae

Accurately reconstructing the relationships between different species requires analyzing the sequences of a judiciously selected sample, and preferably big, of different genes. Hybrid capture with high-performance sequencing, o Hyb-Seq, it's a powerful tool to get those gene sequences, but it must be calibrated for each group analyzed to ensure that the sequence is an informative sample of genes. Researchers should consider a variety of considerations when selecting which genes to sequence, and choices made in gene sampling can affect the outcome of the analysis. In the work presented in a recent edition of Applications in Plant Sciences, The Dra. Katy Jones and her colleagues assessed the performance of a set of Hyb-Seq probes designed for the large and diverse sunflower family, Asteraceae, and found that it is effective for rebuilding relationships at multiple taxonomic levels, from subspecies to tribe.

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