Curso Pre y Postgrado Internacional: «Evo-devo in ascidians and other clonal marine Deuterostomes: Developmental genes, stem cells, regeneration»

(PROYECTO SPRINT 4/2017- GRANT 2018/50017-0)


The biology of clonal organisms has been well studied in plants, protozoa and fungi, but less studied in animals. Although clonal propagation by fission and regenerative processes has received some attention, we believe that the study of budding processes and animal coloniality deserves more in depth study. In this class we want to bring together a group of interested and curious biologists that work on different topics to seek a synthesis and integration to understand the biology (physiology, ecology, development, etc.) and evolution (genetics of clonality, selection, etc.) of animal clonality and coloniality. We plan to contrast embryological developmental mechanisms of animals to post-embryonic/adult developmental processes of clonal and colonial deuterostomes. Using a theoretical-practical approach we will mainly focus on the study of fundamental aspects of life cycle evolution of common solitary and colonial marine chordates (i.e. ascidians), as well as some general aspects of larval cloning in echinoderms. We will discuss the evolutionary and biological consequences of clonality and colonial life histories in animals. Taking advantage of subantarctic fauna present in the Magellan region, we plan to explore the potential of local species to serve as laboratory models for the study of development and regeneration. Uses to these knowledgments in differents field of Biology research will be discussed.

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