News X annual meeting 2016

The company reminds all those who still do not send their abstracts to the Conference, they have up to the 19 August 2016 to send them.

In addition, We tell you that the symposia and conferences for this meeting are already determined..

The lectures that were given are the following:

  • Inaugural Conference: Control of breathing and its impact on daily life" Dr. Patrice Guyenet.
  • Conference: Dr. HERMAN NIEMEYER: "Mitochondrial non-coding rnaS: novel non-nuclear targets for cancer therapy" Dr. Luis Burzio
  • Conference: Vertebrate Macroevolution and the importance of museums, Fossils and data-science. DRA. Samantha Price.
  • Biochile Award Conference 2015. "Society of Biology of Chile-Bios Group to the most outstanding young scientist". Clostridium difficile infections: dissecting the biology of C. difficile spores and their interaction with the host. Dr. Daniel Paredes- Sabja
  • Conference: Specialization is dead... long live specialization! Dr. Rodrigo Medel

The scheduled symposia are as follows:

  • State of knowledge of Mushrooms in Chile.
  • Connexins and Pannexins in the Nervous System Physiology and Pathology.
  • Salmonid farming and important pathologies in freshwater and sea.
  • Endemism in Chilean Plants and neighboring regions.
  • Chemoreflexes in helth and disease: a view from the central and peripheral.
  • Ecology and Antarctica.
  • Accumulator plants and their metabolic responses.
  • Biogeography in the XXI century from a southern perspective.
  • Bioinformatics and phyloinformatics in ecological and evolutionary studies.
  • Study of Microorganisms and Microbial Communities of Extreme Ecosystems.

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