SOCEVOL words by Dr.. Alberto Veloso

El 4 July 2020 Dr.. Alberto Veloso Martínez, Department of Ecological Sciences academic, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile. He was one of the pioneers in the development of evolutionary biology in our country, partner ad honorem of our Chilean Society of Evolution, awarded the first Lifetime Achievement Award given by our Society at its Annual Meeting of 2013.

It is difficult to put together the right words to describe "Profe Veloso": Passionate, Committed, Visionary, Intuitive, creative and inspiring, I mean, an innate leader. With those attributes, among the many activities he carried out, founded the Department of Ecological Sciences of the University of Chile, highlighting his commitment to teaching and research that took him away from his basal profession of Dentist Surgeon. During his career he developed a great scientific career that combined cellular biology, Herpetology, Zoology, Genetic, taxonomy and evolution.
On behalf of the Chilean Society of Evolution, we express a deep sadness at the departure of the Prof. Veloso, and we appreciate having had the privilege of having learned and collaborated with the academic, Professor, teacher and friend.

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