ANID call from professionals who support COVID-19 detection

Dear Dean and Director of Research:
junto con saludar envío información respecto al llamado que está realizando ANID de profesionales que apoyen en la detección de COVID-19. We strongly ask you to disseminate in your Academic Unit.
The Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, through the National Agency for Research and Development ANID, calls for a completed Catalogue of Professionals in the area of Biochemistry with proven training in Molecular Biology AVAILABLE to be hired by 6 months to support Sars-CoV2 screening labs. They will be hired as needed.

The estimated number of maximum hires is 25 professionals in several regions of the country.

Profile required:

1- Biochemical, biologist or equivalent profession.
2- Experience of at least one year in RNA extraction from human samples.
3- Experience of at least one year in use of manual or automatic equipment for sample analysis by q RT-PCR.
4- Clinical laboratory experience at least 3 Months.

Please complete your registration through: