EMBO Global Investigator Network – Applications open!

About EMBO
EMBO is an organization of more than 1800 leading researchers who promote excellence in life sciences inside and outside Europe. The main objectives of the organization are to support talented researchers at all stages of their careers, encourage the exchange of scientific information and help build a research environment where scientists can do their best work.


About EMBO Global Investigator Network
The program Global Investigator Network opened in 2019 to support life sciences researchers who have recently established their own laboratories in Chile, India, Singapore or Taiwan. The emphasis of this program is on creating a local network of heads of young research groups and strengthening connections with scientists in Europe, particularly EMBO Young Investigators e Installation Grantees.
In 2019, EMBO selected the first nine researchers to join the network, including a scientist in Chile. This first group started the program on 1 in January of 2020 and will receive the support of EMBO for a total of four years.


This program provides funding to selected researchers to:
• Visit other research centers to give a scientific seminar or plan/continue a collaboration
• Take EMBO training courses in laboratory leadership and management
• Invite other researchers to give a scientific talk at your institute
• Send members of your research group to another lab to perform experiments or learn a technique
• Organize joint group meetings with other laboratories
• Attend or organize local or international scientific meetings
• Attend the biennial meeting EMBO Global Investigator Network
• Arrange a retreat with your lab group
• Cover publishing costs in journals EMBO Press
• In case of attending conferences, cover costs related to caring for your children


To be eligible, candidates must:
• Having been leaders of a research group for at least one year and for less than six years at the time 1 January of the year of the application*
• Conducting research in life sciences in Chile, India, Singapore or Taiwan
• Have published at least one article as the last author in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal on independent work done in his laboratory
*It is possible to extend the eligibility period for candidates with children or under exceptional circumstances
Deadline for application: 3 June, June, 2020, 14:00 Cest