Species of the genus Liolaemus reproductive biology would have evolved into a previous state

Researchers of the Australian National University (ANU) they found that a group of lizards belonging to the genus Liolaemus, which are exclusively distributed along the Cordillera de Los Andes, they evolved in their form of reproduction from living to the egg-shaped calves. The formation of the Andes would have generated climatic conditions not suitable for incubation of eggs, so the Group of Liolaemus It should evolve towards reproduction through young living. But, Once the species colonize toward regions of lower altitude, they were able to return to playback using eggs, violation of irreversibility Dollo rule, which States that a body cannot return to a past State, even if found under similar conditions to which dwelt in the past. According to the research group, Los Andes is responsible for a wide variety in push-ups, promoting diversity in a way very similar to that which occurs in oceanic islands.

Fuente: ANU.prezly.com