Evolution of species from a perspective of networks

Enric Bapteste, PhD in evolutionary biology from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie and a PhD in philosophy from the Sorbonne University biology, It arose in the future Congress last Wednesday 2019 to talk about his theory on the evolution of species. "We are all parts of a network and everything is dynamic. Therefore, If I want to study evolution, We study the evolution of the network", sentence Bapteste. For the French researcher, It is unpredictable to know how living systems will evolve, Since it depends not only on how it changes the network, but also how changing environmental pressures and internal pressures, DNA, you determine a structure restricted by our past.

Dr. Bapteste has dedicated itself to what is called science of the network, model that can not only be applicable to the biology, but also to other disciplines, such as language and philosophy. "Many things evolve and do that in different ways. Evolve genes, populations, functions, ecosystems and languages, for example", investigator added.

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