Workshop Geometric Morphometrics

Dear, me is a pleasure to inform Uds. after hard work organization and thanks to CONICYT research networks: RED170182 (Universidad de Tarapacá and Universidad de Concepción) We have been able to coordinate a free course, with three large geometric morphometrics worldwide specialists, I can happily say that they open the “nominations” to the course: “An Introduction to geometric morphometrics to the workshop using R” dictated by the creative team of the package “Geomorph” DRS. Dean Adams, Mike Collyer and Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou.

This course will be held in English, and will it dictate at the Universidad de Concepción, Chile between the 8 to the 12 April of the 2019.

La selección será competitiva bajo CV y carta de intenciones que deberán ser enviados a y se priorizará uso del software R y algo de conocimiento en GM, application deadlines will be up to 30 of December, pronto los detalles estarán en mi web (window Workshop GM)

If you want to participate please do not hesitate to apply.