Genetic analysis reveals a direct descendant between two distinct groups of hominids

According to a study recently published in Nature, analysis of a bone of a woman, Denny, He had died made 90.000 years was discovered in one of the Denisova caves located in the Altai Mountains of Russia, demuestra que los homínidos de Denisova y Homo neanderthalensis se apareaban. Given the pattern of genetic variation among the first hominids and modern hominids, scientists knew that the Denisovanos and Neanderlates to blend in among them, as also as Homo sapiens, but no one had found a direct descendant of this mixture. The place where this bone was found is called Denisova due the first extinct human group identified based on the sequencing of DNA from the bones of a finger discovered there in the 2008. The Altai region was also home to the Neanderthals. Prior to this discovery, the best evidence that was on these mixtures was the DNA of a Homo sapiens that had as ancestor to an Néandertal between 4-6 previous generations.